Letting the Easter Light In


Holy One, here we are wrapping up another week and winding down another month.

How can it almost be May?  Time sometimes flows like a class-five-rapids through our lives.  We can feel like we are trying to keep our oar in water as we get drenched and doused with another wave in the raft of life. 

It is hard to enjoy the ride when we wonder if we are about to slip off the side and slide into the water.  It is hard to sense Your holiness when we are using all our strength to stay upright.

While the dangers are real in the world, and the news tells us as much each night, so is Your grace.  While the are reasons to fear, there is also faith that gives us the strength.

Meet each of us, O God, in the waters of life.  Awaken within each of us a holy moment of laughter.  Stir within us an experience that causes us to ponder our expectations.  Continue to be with us as we turn the calendar to a new month.  We pray You will continually invite us to name the gratitudes and do the holy work of forming a habit of letting Your Easter light into our lives.

May God’s love and presence be with each of you now more than ever.  Amen.


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