Letting the Easter Light In


A prayer from Pastor Ted Loder ~ I invite you to read slowly, savoring every word. Or even go outside to read each sentence aloud to creation, pausing at each period to let God's first testament of trees/grass/plants/ants respond to you.

I Tremble on the Edge of a Maybe

O God of beginnings, as your Spirit moved over the face of the deep on the first day of creation, move with me now in my time of beginnings,

when the air is rain-washed, the bloom is on the bush, and the worlds seems fresh and full of possibilities, and I feel ready and full.

I tremble on the edge of a maybe, a first time, a new thing, a tentative start, and the wonder of it lays its finger on my lips.

In silence, Lord, I share now my eagerness and my uneasiness about this something different I would be or do;

and I listen for your leading to help me separate the light from the darkness in the change I seek to shape and which is shaping me.

May the shaping and swirling God surround you today filling you with grace, gratitude, generative love for the sake of the world. Amen.


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