Letting the Easter Light In


This week, we will explore, embrace, and encounter our inner artist, seeking to expand our understanding of the theological truth that you are made in God’s imaginative image.  We will continue to work silencing the soundtrack in your mind that is telling you, “You are not an artist,” because those words are both harmful, hurtful.  The truth is we are made in the image of God, formed from dust with Divine DNA all over us.  We need another story and narrative.  We need to see that your whole life is an art project.  We need to come to live with a curiosity amid the uncertainty.  This week is a celebration and constructing on the truth that art can awaken us to our soul and how our soul loves to create.  God is the original artist who sought to awaken us, breathe life into us, so that we could collaborate and co-create with the Holy.  Kirk Byron Jones says Creativity is what happens when freedom and joy come together.  Creativity is not just what God does.  Creativity is who God is.  Therefore, made in God’s image, we too share those inventive powers with God. 

One step in exploring creativity is to practice patient attention.  So often in our world, we are too caught up in multitasking.  For example, are you listening to music or have the news on in the background as you read this?  Are you also constructing a grocery list?  (Which, by the way, you probably need more chocolate.) Are you thinking about a past wound when you tried to create art or a future fear?  Our minds are so busy.  To practice patient attention is that in this moment, right now reading these words, there is more than enough to stir and swirl the artist within you.  For example, when I keep saying the word, “artist”, if you can cease the negative soundtrack telling you otherwise, where does your creative spark say, “Well, I’ve wanted to try…” 


Writing a book?

Composing a poem?

Testing out some new recipes?




Learn another language?

Artists supplies come from more than just craft stores.  The creativity in you will be expressed in a multitude of magnificent ways. Where does the still small voice long for a stage and spotlight, even for just yourself?

Practice patient attention, means we are leaning in and listening to God’s creative voice more and more, letting the wisdom of our artist’s soul get a word in edgewise.

Listen…right now.

Lean in…closer.

Open your ears and hearts to where God’s creative spark is prompting you to go.

May the creative presence of the One in whose image you are formed burn brightly today.


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