Thursday, October 14, 2021

God's Calling


This week, I have shared a bit about what led me to this calling of being a pastor.  Early experiences in the church that were bread crumb moments to going to seminary.  My two opportunities I to dive deeply in seminary and learn about being a pastor.  What about now? 


I sense that my calling continues to shift in new directions.  I was recently asked what my favorite parts of being a pastor are?  I quickly, without overthinking the question, said:

1.     Sunday morning worship and preaching;

2.     Pastor care, hearing your stories;

3.     Creative writing – like these meditations or my book of devotions coming out in November.


I know, you thought I was going to talk about how much I love meetings.  I actually do like committee meetings especially when we share what is in our hearts, support each other, and talk about the calling of the church.  These moments matter too, but in the moment the person asked that question, meetings didn’t quite crack the top three.  The above three holy duties of worship, sharing God’s love, and creative writing is when my soul feels most alive.  Within your calling, where you feel most alive and engaged, there might be many layers.


What is it about volunteering at school or the hospital that fills you the most?  Try to be as descriptive as you possibly can.

What are the top three moments in your life each month? When you review your calendar, what is the cream that rises to the top?


Those questions can help you continue to explore your calling and clarify the unique ways you can share your light.  To be sure, there are many pastors who would not have the same top three as me.  So too, even if you share a passion and vocation for a certain way to volunteer or care or lead, the way you do that is uniquely beautiful to you! 


I pray for God to awaken your imagination and cause your shy soul to speak up as you seek to embrace and embody your calling in these days.  Amen.

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