God's Calling


How has this week gone?  Were you able to listen to your life and let your life speak?  Did you find a new path of curiosity to travel down?  Did you take that first tentative step in response?  Or were you reluctant or resistant ~ which is totally understandable!  Remember, letting your life speak is NOT about getting it perfect all the time.  There will be moments when our liabilities and limits, our trespasses and shadows cause us to stay stuck on the sidelines.  Thriving is not about being awesome all the time.  Thriving has a rhythm embedded within it or seasons as I said on Tuesday.  Moments when we are caught up in the spirit and moments when we need to rest on the sidelines.  Moments when we feel our fuel tank full and times we run on empty.  When our souls slouch, we don’t help ourselves by berating ourselves.  We don’t help by trying to compare ourselves to others or giving ourselves a swift kick in the pants to snap out of it.  Compassion and care are God’s give to everyone – including you.


To practice self-compassion today.  To notice the ways you are tough, resilient, savvy, and yet shy.  How might you be kind to yourself?  Sometimes our brains are bossy and impatient.  We don’t share love with ourselves, rather we keep pushing and prodding and trying to prove we are worthy.  You can’t earn God’s love, God’s love for you is.  It isn’t about demanding or deserving grace, faith is accepting grace as a gift, then letting that grace beautifully disrupt your life.


How can you be kind to yourself this day?  How might that kindness help your shy soul come out into the light to let your life speak?  May those question guide you on a prayer journey that unfolds today.  Amen.


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