The Melody of Lent

 As we center our hearts for this Holy Friday, when we stand/kneel beneath the cross of Jesus, let these words of Richard Rohr sink/stir in your soul:

Today the primary human problem is both revealed and resolved. It is indeed a “good” Friday. What is revealed is our human inclination to kill others, in any multitude of ways, instead of dying to ourselves—to our own illusions, pretenses, narcissism, and self-defeating behaviors. Jesus dies “for” us not in the sense of “a substitute for us” but “in solidarity with” the suffering of all humanity since the beginning of time! 

I invite you to lean in and listen to the beautiful Spiritual, He Never Said a Mumblin' Word.  Let its mournful melody and profound preaching invite you in the sacredness of God in solidarity with our suffering.  

Prayer: Beneath the Cross of Jesus, we take our stand, guide our feet and hold our hands.  Let our mumbling words today, O God, give voice to the ways You meet us in the messiness of life.  Let Your love shown on the cross challenge our lives every day.  Amen.  


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