Letting the Light of Easter In


As we wrap up and wind down this first week after Easter, I want to offer an invitation to you from Pastor Steve Cuss.  I recently heard him describe what he calls “Life Giving List”.  The instructions are to come up with the range of activities that fill you with life/energy/cause your soul to stir/embraced by goodness.  These can be things that take just a few minutes or need several days.  There may be no cost, or you might need to save your pennies.  Pastor Cuss says you need to be very concrete about what is life giving to you, intentionally take time for these activities, and that in those moments you are worshipping God. 

Here are some examples from my life-giving list:

Hiking with a camera in my hand, out in nature, preferably where there is no cell tower so I can be offline.  Cost might be a tank of gas.

Walking with my wife at night around our neighborhood, processing our day, living our wedding vows to comfort and support each other.  Cost might be a new pair of shoes every now and then.

Writing these morning meditations for you to share what is in my heart.  The only cost I can come up with for this is my time.

If you want to explore more about this invitation, click on the link below.

May you find moments in the days to come to write down your life-giving list.  More importantly, may you experience moments of embodying the very activities and ways that you find the Spirit stirring and swirling in your life.



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