Letting the Easter Light In


How did paying attention to the art project called, “Your life” yesterday go?  Did you have a few moments where you were able to change your expectations in ways that sacredly shifted your experience?

How did acknowledging your expectations before you entered the experience make a difference?

Or maybe, it did not.

What we are dealing with here is that your brain is hardwired a certain way.  We have been conditioned by our families, friends, culture, church, and your life up to now.  And maybe you just think, “That’s the way it is.  Nothing I can do about it.”

But actually, your brain is constantly being rewired, especially when we sleep.  Recent research suggests that up to a trillion nerve cells are at work reforming and refashioning every night as you snooze.  “Oh, that is why I wake up so tired,” you are thinking.  The researchers say, that while you are in dreamland your brain is making a map of information - making new connections and breaking apart other ones.  While we are not conscious of this, what we can be aware and awake to is what sorts of information we are taking into our minds while our eyes are open. 

One simple practice is when you go to sleep, offer gratitude for at least one experience and one person that day.  You can level up this practice by not repeating the person or moment you are giving thanks for over a period of time.  So, I can give thanks tonight that people actually read these morning meditations.  I mean with all the YouTube cat videos, you have lots of options out there to start your day.  I can give thanks for the person whose love makes a difference.  I can give thanks for the person whose challenging comment was said with compassion and care.  Try this out tonight and I will see you in the morning!

Prayer: God, now I lay me down to sleep.  I pray my mind and heart to meet.  Help me name the places of grace, open me know You are in this place.  Amen. 


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