Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter Reflection

A symbol of Easter has often been the butterfly.  This is because within a butterfly's life, creation is preaching and proclaiming the truth of resurrection.  A butterfly begins life as a fuzzy, slow, gravity-bound-to-earth caterpillar.  At some point, woven into the DNA of a caterpillar, there is the urge to transformation.  The caterpillar wraps itself in a cocoon called a chrysalis - I know a science lesson too today!  Inside there is a transformation from caterpillar into a butterfly.  Creation was and still is God's first testament.  In this one corner of creation we can hear the Holy Week story.  Jesus slow walk to Jerusalem, along the way ministering and meeting people where they are.  Jesus enters into Jerusalem on a donkey - which isn't known for its speed...although a donkey would probably beat a turtle in a foot race - it would be close.  It is in the cocoon of Jerusalem the transformation of Jesus into the Christ happens.  Happens as Jesus seeks to teach us about the sacredness of a meal in the Last Supper.  Happens as Jesus prays in the garden - an echo of Genesis 2 where Adam and Eve are in the garden.  Happens as Jesus confronts the powers-that-be not with anger and sword or violence but with a resistance and persistence nevertheless. (There is another blog post in that moment).  Happens even on a cross where one of the criminals gets what Jesus is about and the other is self-centered and only wants to be saved (there is another whole blog post or sermon or something there).  Happens in the chrysalis of a tomb or womb where Jesus is resurrected to new life.

I think about this over the last few weeks where we have been in the womb of our homes more and more.  What has been transformed within you?

I have noticed how much I enjoy hanging out with my family.  Too often in my busyness and calendar of too many meetings, I miss the ordinary joy of the people I love the most.
I have noticed the joy of reading books...again something I push too much to the bottom of my to-do-list.
Talking on the phone, connecting to people.
Posting morning prayers that reach out.
Finding a new grove of ministry.

To be sure, I would never had wanted/wished to undergo this transformation.  My hunch is Jesus didn't want to either.  But there is a trace of God's grace in this moment for each of us that I pray we are paying attention to and open to and willing to let God's presence make all the difference.

Happy Easter Monday everyone.

May grace and love be with you now more than ever.  Amen.

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