Monday, July 29, 2019

Flow and Flowering

I took the above photo one week ago when I was in Chautauqua, NY.  I was struck by first the beauty of the lilies.  To be clear, I am not the biggest fan of this flower.  Or more to the point, my allergies are not a fan of this flower.  It's potent pollen invades my head like a hostile storms into my sinuses stomping on every nerve until my head is pounding.  As you can imagine, Easter Sunday at the church is in two words...good times!

But since this flower was outside.

But since I had my camera with a really good lens that I could stand back to get this picture.

But since there was not a whole field full of this flower, just a few scattered here and there, I could take in the beauty of the flower.

But after studying the purples and pinks blending together...the black freckle spots randomly dancing across the petals and the bright orange anthers dangling was like creation was putting on a fireworks display that didn't disappear or dissipate after a bright burst but lingered for all to be beckoned toward.

But it wasn't only the lilies that were open that called to was the three closed mouth pods just waiting for the moment and time to shine, spring forth.

That seems to be a metaphor...a sacred truth...for our lives.  At any given time there are parts of our lives that are flowering...brilliantly and boldly.  Then, there are parts that are still closed, waiting and watching.  Then, there are other buds that have dropped their leaves to the ground having already released its energy (and pollen!) into the world.

What for you right now, this summer as July is coming to a close, is blossoming and blooming?  What is brilliant and beautiful?

What is still closed, waiting ~ perhaps needing more rain or sun or for the soil of your soul to send forth its nutrients?  Which also leads me to wonder, what is nourishing the soil of your soul right now? 

What has passed its prime?  Releasing, that within nature - including us as humans - energy/life is never fully destroyed.  The same number of atoms exist today that existed 13.6 Billion years ago.  Resurrection is continually woven into our lives, we don't call it take or haven't been taught/told to look at the ways we shed dead skin cells as new ones take their place every single day.

What is blossoming for me is the gift of grace I've had this summer away on Sabbatical.  I've laughed with my family; visited some amazing places (like Alaska, Chautauqua, and places here in FL); I've met new people; I've gotten rest and renewal.

What is still closed and waiting are classes and sermons I am planning and preparing to share with my family.  What is closed and still waiting is school around the corner as displays of supplies show up in stores.  What is closed and still waiting is the second half of this year.

What has passed its prime?  We are always growing, changing, shifting...that is part of life.  I am still processing some of the flowers that once bloomed in my life but no longer are present.  Certainly, with two kids in high school, it feels like a blossom has passed (known as elementary and middle school).  Certainly, my marriage is entering a new place and space with two teenagers ~ one about to drive.  But within me, I always feel like there are moments slowly fading away. 

I pray within the photo and reflection there is more than a trace of grace ~ I pray there is a truth for you in these summer days.

Grace and peace ~~ 

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