Prayer Friday

How do you craft a prayer?
Is it only with words?

Maybe a prayer can pour forth from a paint brush,
Colored pencils,
Chalk on the street that will wash away with the next rain.

Maybe prayer can be brought to life with scissors,
Colored papers,
Various shapes of many sizes that are pieced together.

Maybe prayer is silence, sitting still to listen.
God's first language,
Before the song of creation began, God was and God still is.

Maybe prayer is noticing and naming what you see,
The good and bad and ugly that is part of this thing called, "Life".

Maybe prayer is more than what we can categorize or compartmentalize,
A constant reaching,
As a deer longs for water, so the Psalmist sings, so does our heart.

How would you define prayer?
How is it with your soul?
And what prayer might God be singing to you today?

May these words invoke for you more than a trace of God's grace in these May days.

Blessings ~~


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