Music Mondays

I am fan of singer songwriters whose lyrics evoke images...and John McCutcheon "Water From Another Time" does that in spades.  I love the line about the quilt his grandmother made of scraps and then he waltzes in his dreams.  The deeper power of this song is that it can awaken YOUR memories.

I didn't grow up on a farm...but the words remind me of summer nights in Cedar Rapids, IA.  When the lightening bugs briefly illuminating before your very eyes only to quickly extinguish...when winter days were a distant memory...when all the neighborhood kids gathered in our backyard for a rousing game of kickball.
I still remember that first base was the post on the patio.
Second base was the lilac bush.
Third base was the metal clothes line poll.
Home was our cement sidewalk from the backdoor of the there was NO sliding safe at home.

I still remember the garden my parents planted outback...and ironically the corn that never grew there.  I mean...this was Iowa...I thought corn just magically grew in everyone's back yard ~ turns out there is a bit more to it.

I still remember playing hide and seek on other nights.

I still remember Mary who lived next door.  To my young eyes, she was old...looking back probably in her 80s...but she was a grandmother to all the kids in the neighborhood.  She had a formal living room to receive callers...and the best chocolate chip cookies served with ice cold milk at her metal kitchen table with red vinyl chairs.

I still remember...

I could go on...but the point isn't my stories...or John's images...but yours!

Take some time today to reflect on the summer memories that still linger in your minds.  Write them down...send or share them with someone...and may you find more than a trace of God's grace in that sharing.

Blessings ~~


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