Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Favorite Color

What is your favorite color and why?

Most of us know our favorite color...but have you ever paused to ponder why?  I know I love the color blue.  I find it to be it seems that every style of men's clothing is made in blue... so I have a plethora in my closet. 

But is that really my favorite color?

Maybe I'd prefer the passion of red that awakens excitement and energy?
Or the brightness of yellow that can cause even the grey and gloomy day seem a bit better.
Or green that symbolizes life.
Or purple that Alice Walker said God put on earth for us to notice.

What about the ways white and black dance in photographs or help a piano make music?
What about the ways the blue sky turns pink as the sun waves goodbye?
What about the ways red causes us to stop while green helps us go?

Take time today to notice the colors around you...which ones sing to you and why?
Are there colors that you tend to shy away from or shield your life?  And again...why?

May the One who crafted and created a myriad of colors (Seriously...have you been to the paint store recently??) cast a kaleidoscope of hues in your life today and this week.


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