Monday, September 10, 2018

A Handful of M & Ms

A handful of M and Ms sits beside me.
The colors mixed and mingled together,
I mindlessly push the blues ones off to the side,
Saving the best for last.

I wonder if God's grace is like that?
Am I surrounded by blessings that I miss?
Blessings like laughter of family,
A meal shared,
A moment of progress made, small as it is.
Blessings like a church where people care,
Friendships grow,
A moment where we deepen our faith.

Perhaps our lives are like a handful of M & Ms.
The colorful ways God moves in our midst,
Beckoning us to pay attention.
Orange for sunsets each night.
Brown for the earth producing food.
Yellow for bright moments of smiles.
Green for goodness that nourishes our lives.
Red for passion that stirs us from complacency.
And blue...
Always blue last...
For the peace that lingers and lasts on the tips of our tongue like a small piece of chocolate.

A handful of M & M...
A faithful prayer...
One in the same.


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