Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Dust part Two

In the last post, we explored the invitation to show both the sides of our life that are beautiful and be honest that in our souls there is both which we are accustom to letting shine but also that which has a layer (perhaps thick) of dust settled upon it from years of sitting in our lives.

I am reminded that in Genesis 2, God takes dirt...or dust...forms, fashions and loves humanity into being.  God seems to see something sacred in dust, which might make all of us feel better about our living room furniture which we have been meaning to clean for the last few weeks. 

God plays in the dust...not only then and there in the pages of Scripture, but also here and now in our lives.

God delights in the dust...not only kids who are roll down grassy hills or splash in puddles causing splotches of mud to cling to their legs/arms/hair/everywhere, but also when we as adults can see how dust enables and enlivens life.

Without dirt and dust, there is no life.
Within dirt and dust, swimming unseen, is already life. 
Combining and coming together is the dust around us with the dust inside us.

Our souls were formed with the fingerprints of God imprinted in dust.
Our souls delight when we re-connect with the dust of creation.
Our souls long for the moment we might notice and name that dust isn't something we need to avoid but embrace.

Dust of moments we said something we regret.
Dust of moments this past week, we want a mulligan and try again.
Dust of moments this day...things we might be dreading, but could actually have life found within it's messiness.

God doesn't need to be shielded from our dusty side...God longs to get involved and knows intimately that it is out of dust that life springs forth.

May you and I find more than a trace of God's grace in that truth this week.


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