Friday, September 21, 2018

Dust part Three

Dust-playing God, move in the dusty parts of my life this day.
As you did in the beginning, breathe life into the parts of my life that I tend to ignore or imagine don't really exist.
Those parts of my life covered in dust of neglect.
Those parts of my life I keep hidden, tucked away.
Breathe into that dust, O God, this day I pray.

Stir and swirl up those million dust particles til they are spinning around me.
Stir and swirl the dust until like removing mortar from the floor a cloud hangs and hovers.
Stir and swirl the dust of my souls crafting and creating something new.

To be sure, there is chaos when the dust flies.
To be sure, it is messy and causes disruption.
But, just as You did in the beginning, O God, it was out of the sloshing, watery chaos where life came forth.
Out of the dust of renovation, creativity still comes forth.
And if that is true outside of our lives, perhaps it is true inside as well.
Inside as deep as our very souls.

So stir up the dust.
Swirl the millions of particles.
And remind us of the sacredness of dust.
In this, may we find more than a trace of Your holy grace.


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