Thursday, May 18, 2017

Music for the Soul Part 2

Hopefully over the last few days the melody and words of the first piece of music I share have been stirring your soul.  I love the line, "We bend, we may break, but we keep it together."  I find myself singing that over and over throughout my day.  And when the hope seems to flicker and fade within my life, I need something a bit more basic.  I need to remember to breathe.  Just like music works on many different levels, so does breathing.  When we are afraid or anxious, physiologically our breathing become more shallow.  To take deep, belly filling breaths is one way both to calm down and a basic reminder that in the beginning, when God fashioned and formed us with fingerprints of love, God breathed the divine breath into us.  So may you breathe today as you listen to this music.  And may you sense more than a trace of God's grace for you.

Grace and peace ~~


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