Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Music for the Soul Part 1

Music moves us in many different ways.  We hear words that engage our intellect, as we seek and strive for understanding.  What is this combination of words seeking to convey, we ponder just beneath the surface?  As the words swirl and swim together, we seek meaning and whether this series of words might speak specifically to our lives.  But, beyond the words, there is a pulse, rhythm, or what is called the math of music.  What is the meter of the music...fast or slow?  Is it a series of short staccato notes or long ones that draw you in?  Of course, the ways the words and beat come together makes a difference.  And the mood we are in.  When I am feeling down, I really don't want to hear an 80s hair band...unless I do.  You see, music won't be confined or contained.  It moves, because there is a soul to music that speaks to our heads, hearts and core of being.  Over the next few posts, I want to share some music with you that is making a difference.  The first is by a band called, The Undeserving...which is perhaps a band we all feel like we might be part of on certain days.  The piece is called "Something to Hope For."  Each day, I think, each of us strives for something to hope for.  I sometimes wonder if people come to church out of hope...or out of habit...or maybe some mixture of both.

What are you hoping for today?

How might this song sing to your soul on this ordinary Tuesday?

I pray you find a trace of God's grace in this song.

Many blessings ~~

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