Tuesday, April 18, 2017

More than a day

Easter is not just one day....
In the ancient tradition, we are invited into fifty days to stand...
Be simmered...
Saturated in resurrection promise.

It is not just one and done...
It is not just when the chocolate bunny carton is thrown in the recycling...
It isn't even when all that artificial plastic Easter grass is finally out of your carpet...
(Although that might be more than fifty days).
Easter is a continual invitation to enter back into the empty tomb to gaze and glace around.

What did you miss on Easter Sunday with family and friends and food?
Did you miss the angels saying, "Why do you look for the living among the dead?"
Because I might still be doing that.
Did you miss that when the disciples heard what the women had encountered and experienced some thought it an idle tale??
Took the disciples awhile to realize what resurrection might mean for their lives too.

For fifty days to practice resurrection.
You could write down one place of new life every day...
A moment of laughter
A list of joys
A prayer for God to move in to the emptiness.
A moment to turn from clinging to the withered leaves of life and let go so God might fill your life with new light.
How can you spend fifty days in the rhythm of resurrection?
There is no one right answer.
But we need to prayerful/pray-filled and playful.
If Easter is anything it is that.
A spirit of communion with God.
A moment of grace that sets our souls dancing.
So practice resurrection.
Go out with good news that God is not finished and we don't have to have it all figured out.
But with openness and grace and love...God is up to something here and now.
So lets go explore and experience and encounter what that might be in the coming fifty days.

Grace and peace ~~  

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