Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Prayer

Empty is usually a word that leaves us wanting.
An empty container that once held M & M...
An empty heart that once was full of love.
An empty place in our souls where we long for God to move in and take up permanent residence.

Empty on this day turns the world and that word upside down.
Suddenly empty makes room for wonder.
Empty invites us to open our imaginations.
Empty...but not really because there is something still there...
Grave clothes left in a heap like laundry on the floor.
Left hastily, haphazardly, and with a whole heart because Christ knew that Good Friday was not a period, or even a Roman explanation point, but a comma,,,,,,
A comma of God's still crafting and creating something out of chaos and confusion.
Easter Sunday is a re-creation of life in a new way...out of what seems empty, we realize true life.
Death doesn't have the final say.
Even a sealed tomb (or heart or life) might one day be broken and burst open.
Even what first appears empty has some tossed aside grave clothes no longer needed because Christ is clothed in glory and grace that is shining bright.

At first the women didn't see that.
They saw the emptiness because that morning when they started out that felt emptiness.
Our life is passed along and reflected like a projector onto the world around us.
They saw the emptiness because their world was flat, gray...
In flash two men speaking about Jesus not here, he is risen.
In the chaos of that moment, with the messenger's words echoing off the stone cold tomb, they still rang hallow and empty.
But as the words settled and simmered.
As they soaked and saturated.
Memories were awoken that had fallen asleep amid everything else.
Jesus had spoke of suffering, denial, and death.
Jesus had said there was more to come.
Jesus had shined the light...only we kept staring at the empty darkness of the tomb.

So turn...
Turn toward the sun that is baptizing and bathing the world in resurrection grace.
Turn toward the One who is still saying, emptiness makes room for love, so come and follow me.
Turn toward the world...God so love...with a promise that God is not finished yet.
May this prayer move in your life every day with a grace, peace, and love of God.


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