Sunday, February 19, 2017

More than a day Part Three

Sunday morning prayer...

On this day a truth echoed from an empty tomb.
Love wins.
No longer did desertion and denial and betray have the last word.
Love wins.
No longer did military might and flexing your muscles and get yours while the getting is good make sense any more.
Love won.
Not some score keeping victory...not to the blaring soundtrack of "We are the champions" as ticker tape fell from the sky.
Love won in a quiet way.
In a garden where only a few women stepped inside an empty tomb.
Heard their own breathing echoing off the walls...
Perhaps how Moses felt before that burning bush hearing, "Yahweh"...which is exactly what it sounds like to inhale and exhale.
But resurrection was not simply resuscitation;
Nor was it some mental gymnastics or reduced to some prayer.
Resurrection is new life where we break through the waters of injustice and discrimination and division.
Resurrection was a taste of God's realm where we now breathe air and love is something more than what is sold at Halmark stores.
Love is no longer confined by a relationship.
Love is the law and grace and promise and way.
Love is letting God flow through you.
Love inspires and co-spires to create something the world still can't accept.
Love wins.
That is what Sunday is all about.
And that is why I sing and shout and break open my heart to the One who centuries ago and still today sings out,
"Love wins"


Grace and peace everyone ~~

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