Week Three Love Summary

Take a moment to breathe and be...

Breathe and be...

Letting the lists that demand our attention be put to the sidelines for a few moments...

And letting that imagination of hope, peace, and love draw new possibilities for this day.

After a week of images from glass to glaciers, trees, fog and lighthouse; as this week closes, I want to offer space.

No images, except the ones roaming around your minds.

No more words, except these few in front of you.

Lots of space....

Space for you to create.

To reflect.

To fill in with thoughts or leave empty.

What new insights into love movement within as well as around you?

What questions still sit silently within you?

What is your soul saying to you right now?

Breathe and be in the sea of traces of God's grace and love right now.

Blessings ~~


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