Friday, August 2, 2019


Washing over the rough rock,
the water lapped like a thirsty dog.
Splashing and soaking,
Foam bubble form on the other side
As sunlight peers through the surface showing what is just beneath.

The rugged rock stays put.
Either un-amused or unsure what to make of this whole seen.

The ridges of the rock have been saturated for centuries.
Though high and low tide...
In wind and rain and storms and sun...
The rock, like our souls, has been through much.

Windy days when everything seemed up in the air,
Rainy days when plans when out the window,
Stormy days when we were not sure we'd survive, and
Sun-drenched days when warmth wrapped around like the hug of an old friend.

A ordinary rock like thousands of others along the shore.
My life, ordinary, like the hundreds of name-less/unknown people I passed as I strolled along.
Yet, for the rock and I, a shared moment of a trace of God's grace...I carry with me
And share with you
this day.

Grace and peace ~~

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