Equilibrium take One

“It’s smooth sailing today,” the captain’s velvet voice soothingly said over the loudspeaker.

But for me, every wave felt like a roller coaster.  The constant bobbing up and down caused my stomach to do somersaults and my mind to say, “Um, if it is alright, I would like to get off this ride…like now, please.”

For me, that moment on the boat became a metaphor of trying to find our equilibrium in the midst of life.  As we try to navigate the waters of each day, what one person experiences and calls, “Calm,” another person might feel like is choppy and chaotic. 

What one person thinks is easy, another laments how rough it is.  The waves of life might knock some off their feet, while for another she is able to go with the flow rising and falling in rhythm with the water. 

What some consider to be tumultuous, others might think is a perfect day. 

Trying to decipher and decide how we will navigate this day before us, which way we will go, depends a lot on how we are reading the weather and the waves around us.

But the metaphor moves and dives deeper, trying to find our equilibrium not only with the elements around us, but also within us.  Our minds can feel like waves are churning or a physical pain can demand all our attention and energy or a spiritual wrestling might feel like we are being tossed to and fro in our boat, even if outside the water is clear and calm. 

There is an interplay between the external and internal waves we ride in life.  There is something within us that can long for equilibrium, getting into a groove, and finding how to sail through what is stirring within and outside of us.

How is your equilibrium today?

Does your mind turn restlessly over something that was said to you recently?

Does your soul sing out that all is well?

Does the world feel like it is out of sync?

Does a recent phone call from a friend sent you into a tailspin, unsure which way is up or down?

Over the next few days, notice the waves and what you are feeling.  Over the next few days, ask yourself whether the boat of your life is finding the sailing smooth or rough…and is that because of what is going on inside or outside or both. 

In the midst of the waves of life, how do you find equilibrium, a state of breathing and being and resting in God’s presence? 

May there be more than a trace of God’s grace as we navigate this sea of life together.

Blessings ~~


  1. Being seasick is no fun...I've been there. So glad you could find a metaphor of trying to find our equilibrium in the midst of life.


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