Friday, May 24, 2019

Eight Hundred posts celebration

So this week, I went over the 800 mark of posts. 

It feels significant.  Although, I really thought when I reached this milestone there would be fireworks or cheering or at least someone doing a kazoo solo.

When I started this blog over six years was a way to get ideas out there into the universe.  I've always wanted to publish a book...and this offered me an opportunity (a prayer practice as I described in the last post) to share with others. 

This summer I will be working on that book that has been patiently/persistently waiting.  I've read enough and heard enough published author's speak that I know the journey will not be easy.  It will take longer than the 10 weeks I have and will extend into the fall...perhaps even winter...maybe more.  I have no guarantee that it will be published.


I can publish it here.

Starting in late June I will share some of my early drafts.  They will probably be so rough (like sandpaper) you could smooth any splinter on a board with them.  My point and prayer is not to be perfect, but to keep sharing what is in my heart.  My point and prayer is that I can offer every excuse in the book why I shouldn't do this...but something compels me to try anyway. 

The artist within wants to be loose.  The artist wants to go on a journey and bring others along. 

Which reminds me of a poem I just wrote (again rough draft here...we are talking sandpaper).

The squirrel scurried across the electrical wire high up in the air.
With the ease of a circus act and no net.
No fear of falling the some thirty feet to the unforgiving concrete.
Hurrying to some place...just like me.
While I might know my destination,
I was not aware of where the squirrel was heading.

In the tightrope of life...I calculate the drop down with every step.
In the tightrope of life...I want to minimize any stumble...not bumble.
In the tightrope of life...I am probably less concerned about the physically injuries
And more the emotional and spiritual ones from those around me.

Hurrying, scurrying through the day.
I wonder if that squirrel had been there all along?
Has she crossed my path previously?
Has she been dancing daintily across the wire and I just didn't notice?

Or maybe this was the first appearance...and I was fortunate to catch the premier.
And delighted I am because in that moment there was more than a trace of grace...
There was reminder how I might live life so fearless - and one scurrying step at a time.


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