Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Isaiah: Prophet, poet, and pastor for the present moment

So, here we are several weeks into listening to Isaiah.

Here we are holding his visions for the world that is re-created, re-crafted, re-formed and re-fashioned with people from all nations welcomed/embraced at God's mountain to be led by a child who establishes justice/mercy/love as the rule of the day and where human relationships reorders the whole of the earth.

I get that Isaiah seems fanciful and fictional and like a farce.

I get that it is easy to shrug our shoulders as if to say, "Yeah, that will be the day, Isaiah.  I am sure pigs will magically fly and unicorns suddenly appear."

Our cynicism comes from the painful, harsh realities of life.

Part of the reason why I think Isaiah, the prophet and poet, turned to poetry. 

The poets words are always trying to call our attention to the miss-able moments of life.  Those that go by in a blur of busyness.  The poets words draw us to the details (I recently read a beautiful poem about eating a grapefruit...but you could substitute in any of your favorite fruits/veggies).  The poet will whisk us away to 30,000 feet where we see the world from another perspective.

Even if you don't like poetry...consider music ~ which is often poetry sung and set to a beat.

Music (even music without words) tells a story and invites us into the deeper realm.  Notice, I didn't say another world.  I don't think music is an escape, it is simply shifting the lens or better yet helping us clear off our eyeglasses which have become smudged and smeared ~ distorting how and what we see.

So, here is the invitation for a trace of God's grace.

Put on music (you might remember last year I posted a series in Advent on Christmas Carols).
Listen...not just with ears of whether you like it or don't...not just with ears of do I "get" it ~ as in I understand it ~ but listen deeply to the artist the way you would a friend who you are having coffee with.
Let those words/notes settle.  Don't rush to judgement or render a verdict or pen a review in your mind.

Just be.

You and the music.
You and the poet.
Perhaps like Isaiah you might gain a deeper sense of what God is up to in our world.

Blessings ~~

If you need help finding a piece of is one offering:

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