What is stirring in your soul right now?
Right in this moment as you are pausing over breakfast to read this blog... or checking it quickly over lunch ~ hopefully that I am not too long winded?

To pay attention to what is within us is the first step into the door way of prayer.
But too often we stay on the threshold of what could be rather than venturing too far into the room.
We fear that if we go sit on the couch with prayer it might make us as uncomfortable as the plastic on the sofa at grandma's house.
We fear that if we go too deep into the house of prayer it will be like a library where we are constantly being told to, "Shhhhhhh!"
We fear that we will just shift uncomfortably and try to spill in God's presence.

But prayer is about being fully open...even when it is messy.
But prayer is loud sometimes....especially when our emotions are on edge.
But prayer says all the wrong things in the presence of God who loves us unconditionally and loves us anyways and all ways.

When openness...fullness....willingness all sit down with you in the living room of prayer ~~ that is when the fun begins.

So, what is stirring in your soul right now?

Go ahead and let God might just completely change your day, your outlook, and your whole world.

May you know more than a trace of God's grace this day.


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