Wednesday, October 10, 2018


A time to transition from summer heat to cooler breeze...
A time to transition from long sun-drenched days to darkness draping the world earlier...
A time to transition from hazy, even lazy, summer days to moments our schedules crowd out space
A time to transition from one year toward the next, new year.

The trees teach and tell us about transition.  Not clinging to leaves ready to fall or pushing that final one off the thin twig to leap to the ground.
Not by hiding when they vulnerably shed all the glorious green leaves or radiant fall colors.
Not be saying, "It's okay."  Or "Nothing to see here."

Rather the tree audaciously cry out with fireworks of red, yellow, and orange...only to lose the spectacular-ness in less than fifteen minutes of fame to stand bare before the brutal winds of winter.  Why would our lives be any different?
Just when we get the corner office, we feel the stress and strain.
Just when the bathroom remodel is complete, our eye goes to that one place the paint isn't perfect.
Just when life is harvesting the slow growth of seeds, we start counting down to Christmas.

This moment of transition when what was is no longer and what will be is not yet...there is something beautiful in this moment, in this morning, and it is more than a taste of God's grace found in a cup of coffee, slice of apple, a piece of sweet potato pie all put together.

So may you, in these transitioning days of October, experience and explore God moving in your midst in amazing and life-changing ways.


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