Friday, June 22, 2018

Stirring in my Heart Part Three

Friday Prayer

We arrive at the threshold of the weekend.
One week of working, volunteering, learning coming to a close.
Another week of our daily rhythm yet to begin.

Before we rush/race through the door.
Can we pause?

Where was that moment you felt closest to God?

Was it reading/listening/looking at some art?
Was it recognizing God's unconditional love in the face of brokenness?
Was it just sitting here for a few moments reading, breathing, and being?

Where was that moment of distance or disconnect from the sacred?
When peace felt elusive
Or love like a foolish dream
Or hope crumbled like a piece of paper tossed toward the trash can,
And, of course, it hit the rim and felt with a thunk to the ground.

Both moments have something to teach and tell us.
Every thing can be our teacher if we are willing to be a student.

I'd rather not always pay the tuition of life where stumbling and bumbling happen as much as succeeding and soaring...but the lessons are there in all moments...
Even in the mundane too.

What did these last few days stir in your heart?
Many all the responses...the good/bad/ugly....each offer you a trace of God's grace.

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