Friday, June 1, 2018


In the beginning,
when you and I were fashioned and formed.
When the cells rapidly multiplied and soft tissue took shape.
When life shifted by the second,
we were held in a womb.

When we slow down,
focusing on our breathing,
we return to that place and space where we are held,
in the womb of God's presence.

It isn't about monologues or dialogues or always having mountain top experiences.
As the saint once said, "In prayer, I listen for God...and God listens back."
Or another saint once said, "Silence is the first language of God."
Only it isn't silence.
There is the soft sound of breathing.
In and out.

And like Moses before the burning bush,
The name, "Yahweh" sounds like an inhale and exhale.
God breathing on Moses out of the flames.
That is the promise
And the possibility
Of every single breath.

May we sense a trace of God's grace as we slow down...and just breathe.

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