Friday, May 11, 2018

Call of Abram ~ Novella

Part Three

"The voice," both Abram and Sarai said together softly.  The words seemed to reverberate and ricochet off the walls.  The words slowly settled to the ground like a feather in free-fall floating, riding the air currents.  The voice.  They had both said it.  In their eyes danced amazement, bewilderment, concern, doubt, elation like a burden had been set free, and yet once a secret is on the loose we lose all ability to control or cling to it.  Once a secret has been spoken you can never stuff it back into the cage where you had held it.  Once a secret is shared, it takes on a life of its own.  Now, a secret once thought to be held by one is suddenly not as unique or odd as you thought.
"The voice," both Abram and Sarai said together again, a bit louder.  The words themselves were like another presence in the room.  Yet, three can be a crowd at times, especially when you are used to being a duo.  It took time for Abram and Sarai to sink and settle in all that those two words meant.  In eight letters years of history were suddenly unveiled.  In eight letters a truth of each life had been offered.  It is said that words are like oars...they take you places.  But you don't need a sea of words to travel a long way.  "The voice," communicated more than any two words had previously for Abram and Sarai.  There was a lightness to both of them.  It is amazing how in the blink of an eye you can go from fear to joy...from uncertainty to clarity.  In one serendipitous moment dread turns to dancing.  Which was exactly what was going on as Abram and Sarai were laughing hysterically as their bodies moved closer toward an embrace.

"The voice!"

If anyone happened to be passing by outside the tent flap at that precious moment, goodness knows they might have thought Abram and Sarai were half-mad. 

Tears welled up in both their eyes as all the energy, all the speeches and words of explanation they both had been swimming in, as all the worry and what ifs suddenly seemed foolish.  They cried not out of sadness but a cathartic gladness. 

The voice had been moving in both their lives for years.  The voice sang them; held them; cared for them; and now was calling to both of them.  "Go." 

To be sure, this wasn't going to make everything better magically.  It wasn't as if the relatives won't still shake their heads and mutter and mumble under their breath as Abram and Sarai started packing up all their worldly belongings.  It was as if the relatives won't try to talk them out of listening to the voice.  It wasn't as if they didn't have some trepidation and second thoughts.  It was one step, but knowing they were in step.  The journey of a thousand miles may begin with putting one foot forward and when it is two that step off in-sync it does bring profound blessings.  Abram and Sarai, in the tent, that afternoon.  Beyond any words that could ever describe or convince anyone knew what they had to do.  And more than that...they had flung wide open their lives to an adventure of body, mind, soul, and had so many stories of the voice to share with each other.  One moment.  One encounter.  One voice that sings to us all if only we listen might bring us together.  It did for Sarai and Abram in one simple, single word calling them to "Go." 

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