Friday, April 13, 2018

Prayer St. Francis take three

We want our lives wrapped up in the movement of God...which makes a sound of peace.
We want to point our toes toward love...which the world might never understand.

Next line proclaims that where there is injury, we might sow seeds of pardon.

This is the language of forgiveness.  Like the word, "love" we held up to the light last time, "forgiveness" is equally misunderstood.  We think of forgiveness, conflating it, with forgetting or letting someone off the hook.  Yet, forgiveness is really about not carrying around a grudge more than anything else. 

Stop for a moment, who is that person who just said something to you recently that like a record is stuck on repeat?  Who do you have a whole speech composed in your mind for the next time you see them?  And then...have you ever actually said that stuff?  Or do you, like me, often just push those words down deep and put on a smile saying, "Oh it is sooooooo good to see you," through clinched teeth? 

So often carrying a grudge we do so silently.

So often carrying a grudge we do so alone.

So often carrying a grudge we do so with pain that can only feed on itself.

That is why grudges are so heavy.

Pardon sets down the burden...lays down the stone...says, "I will stop drinking this poison and expect the other person to suffer."

To be sure, forgiveness doesn't mean that suddenly it is all chocolate rivers and pony rides in life.  It is a slow, steady process of releasing the control anger has on us.

So, if we love to show peace to someone else....we pardon to show peace to ourselves! 

Who needs to be pardoned...not because he deserves it...not because she earned it...but because YOU do!  By the way...grace is always unconditional and unceasing...can never be earned or deserved.  Pardon and forgiveness is the flower that grows in the soil of grace.

Take some time today to just let this wash over you...try to plant yourself in this place.

I pray there might be more than a trace of grace that blossoms and blooms in you because of it.

Blessings ~~

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