Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Preparing for Lent 2

In the last post I asked two questions....

What would cause your soul to sing and stir as we prepare for Lent?

How do you long to connect with God as we prepare for Lent?

I can only be descriptive in my own prayerful thoughts/responses to such questions and don't want to be prescriptive in how you might enter into the forty days of the Lenten season.

Some of the ways I connect with God are walking labyrinths, spending time in prayer, laughing with my family, and reading.  I connect with God in worship, in Bible studies, and in service out in my community.  I try to connect with God in many different ways.  To acknowledge that God is there with every breath I take to support and surround me and cause a holy shift to deepen between us.

What causes my soul to sing is music.  Some may have read my blog posts from Advent on singing our way to the manger.  I want to build on that this Lent with a little different bent.  Each week I will post three reflections on some music that moves me.  It might be a hymn or it could be from a musical.  Rather than sticking to a classical understanding of sacred OR secular, I want to blur the line to ways that God's still singing presence can be found in varied and vast ways. 

I pray this allows you to sense God's blessings and love moving in real ways.  I am looking forward to this series of posts...please feel free to share them with others who may need a reminder of forgiveness, grace, what pain unprocessed can do to our souls, and how when we love another we see the very face of God.

May the coming week's posts be a blessing and more than a trace of God's grace.

Blessings ~~

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