Saturday, February 3, 2018


God whose presence spirals around us...whose fingerprints are on the DNA within us.
God whose grace guides us with meaning....whose infinite love helps us find our way when we are lost.
Meet us where we are as we enter this second month of 2018.

For some the pattern of Ground Hogs Day, Valentine's Day, and President's Day will find a new holy code.
For others this pattern is weak and worn out and weary.
For some this pattern is a blur.
For some this pattern is a bore.
For some this pattern is a blessing while it causes others to sing the blues.

Help us see in the patterns a new meaning for such a time as this.
Help our lives leap and land into new ruts of holy faithfulness.

Guide us this weekend with a song and a story and a sacredness we need...and that patterns our life with You.

In the name of the One whose life is a pattern, code, and holy rut of our lives, Jesus the Christ.


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