Saturday, February 24, 2018

Lent Two ~ Creation as the Original Gospel

Over the last few days, we have been turning and tuning our ears to the hymn, In the Bulb.  It is a song about being open to creation, because we know God as the Creator.

Or Artist.

Or Author.

Or Conspirator (which means to be breathe together).

Or Conductor and Choir Member.

Or Imagineer.

Or Envisioner, embracer, and enlivener.

God has the artist touch and flare and fire.

Which is why I love the above page from the St. John's Bible.  I love the seven panels, each visually representing a day.  I love that way light looks like fireworks against the black sky in the first panel.  And the seas and waters separating in the second.  Richard Rohr recently noted that God does not call the first two days, "Good", because there is separation.  But starting on day three land appears with vegetation, starlight like sequins, whales and walruses and waves of water creations, animals and humans ~ call crafted with a creativity we see around us.  Finally rest ~ Sabbath silence of ceasing and being.

I love the image of the dove that hovers and hangs over the last few panels.  Spirit of the living God falling afresh and anew...blessing us from the beginning to today.

Creation displays the handiwork of God.

Yet, so do you!!

Do you see that and sense that when you look in the mirror?  Or do you just see a few more gray hairs as I do in the morning?  Do you see God's spirit hovering or just the frustration fuming?  Or what about both/and?  Because it isn't just either or.  And it isn't just the beauty of creation, there is also danger in lightening and storms and ice and cold and heat.  To live close to the land is to be in awe.  Not just with rose-colored glasses, the kind of awe that is one of respect and reverence and reserve for we know creation has power too. 

If you go outside right now, do you see a painting or hear a hymn?
Or do you sense chaos?
Or both?

May there be more than a trace of grace as we let Creation sing to us today.

Grace and peace everyone ~~ 

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