Thursday, January 4, 2018

Musical Prayer take two

Let this video and song be a prayer for you today...

The way is dark up ahead of me
The way is dark and I cannot see
What I love the most is a flashlight beam
Lighting up the way when I cannot see

The way unfolds like an open hand
The way unfolds like I didn't plan
And only in looking back do we understand
That the way was true as an open hand

Over trials and trouble I've already come
And the net appeared when I needed one
Yes the road is dark and the ground is rough
Most the time a flashlight has to be enough

We move forward one step at a time
Wide-eyed and hopeful, lost and half blind
Mistake by mistake, we all learn to be kind

There is so much to see and to realize
If I could close my mouth and open up my eyes
And the world will tell us more than enough lies
But we'll find our way with a small flashlight

A Small Flashlight by Carrie Newcomer

May there be a bright trace of God's grace in your life this first week of 2018 that is a small flash light for your life.

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