Sunday, December 31, 2017


As we arrive at the door way to 2018 ~

May the lessons from your life this last year teach and tell you ~ may your ears, hearts, and soul be open to these truths.

May you let loose your grip on pain and fall into the way of forgiveness ~ knowing that forgiveness is not forgetting nor excusing nor just a one-and-done moment but it is realizing that you need to stop drinking the poison of anger and expecting the other person to hurt.

May you hold fast to the holy and whole moments of your life this last year ~ for those are what can be a small flash light in your life in the days and months to come.

Let the rear view mirror...the hindsight of 2017 guide you.

As we cross over, with one foot in 2017 and the other in 2018, let this threshold of the present day teach and tell you something.

Life is full of such thresholds where we are not fully finished with one thing and the new things is not fully yet reveals.  In-between is a state of life that we often take up residence.  So, linger here today.  Listening and learn from this moment.  Find insight on this last day of the year.

As tomorrow dawns and 2018 arrives like an unpainted canvas on which you will start to color and create your life...

I pray you will breathe.

This is not a test.

There is no one right way.

You are not defined by your resolutions or resolve, you are a beloved child of God.

So may that truth and may God's grace guide you every day in this New Year.

Grace and peace everyone. 

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