Friday, October 6, 2017

Scripture take three

Let the words of my mouth...
Sometimes the words of scripture are sweet as chocolate
And other times it can feel like my mouth is full of marbles.
Some words strength and sustain...
Some words are sour and make my stomach churn.
Some words are like a lukewarm tuna sandwich...
Not bad but not great either.

Let the meditation of my mind...
With all these thoughts of what I have to do
And what the co-worker said to me yesterday
And the frustrations that fume on simmer of the back burner of my soul.
These meditations right I am trying to engage Scripture.

Be acceptable to You, O God...
Which kinda sounds like you are grading me, God.
It sounds like I might mess this up or do it wrong.
So now the meditations of my mind are on a downward spiral.
Because I didn't know that You were here, God.
I thought I was just reading the Bible.

The Bible is full of words I can mutter, some lingering on the tip of my tongue.
Those intersect and interrupt my own thoughts.
And I want to encounter, engage You, O God.

Let this prayer be more than a cul-de-sac...
Let it be an invitation that keeps me coming back to the possibility that the tiny words on razor thin pages of my Bible might be a holy, Moses-before-the-burning-bush, kind of moment.

Let it be.  Let it be in my words, meditations, and sing to our lives in these days.


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