Sunday, August 27, 2017

Scripture Window Part 3

The big, bulky book landed with a thud on the pulpit.
The person standing there
Said with all the enthusiasm of going to the dentist,
"Hear now the word of God."
The verses tumbled from the raised stage.
Softly spoken.
With little variation in pitch.

What if...these words were actually windows and the one reading was like a child on April Fools Day shouting, "Come and see the monkey out in the yard."  Unable to hold back the laughter.

What if...there words were actually windows and the one reading was like a person so passionate about God's presence that she could not wait to tell others.

What if...there words were actually windows into our heads...hearts...souls...and the story of our very lives.

Words that shine a light brightly on our blessedness and brokenness.  Our boneheadedness and moments we actually share God's grace in amazing and abundant ways.

What if we listened to these words on the edge of our pews?

What do you mean King David...Mr. Squeaky Clean had an affair?
What do you mean the Psalmist sounds so angry?
What do you mean God's love cannot be confined or contained only in the New Testament but is there when God writes a new covenant on the hearts of the people at the time of Jeremiah?
What do you mean these words might actually move my head to understand, my heart to break open, my soul to be stirred and my story to be seen a bit clearer?

Well...I'm listening.

Tell me that kind of story.

May the traces of God's grace shine through our lives as we listen to words of Scripture this day and for days to come.

Grace and peace ~~

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