Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sabbath Prayer part 2

Days pass and the years vanish and we walk sightless among miracles.  Fill our eyes with seeing and our minds with knowing.  Let there be moments when your Presence, like lightning illumines the darkness in which we walk.  Help us see, wherever we gaze that the bush burns, unconsumed.  And we, clay touched by God will reach out for holiness and exclaim in wonder, How filled with awe is this place. Prayer from Jewish Sabbath Prayer Book 

So, we dove into and dwelt in the first sentence in the last post.  Did you have some time to stop...breathe...and be in the last few days?  Did you lay out your days (good/bad/ugly) alongside God's loving presence?  

If we think that for our eyes to see or minds to know it is only about what we will discover in a book or seminar or TED talk...
If we think that for our eyes to see and minds to know we need to find someone who is smarter than we are and sit at the feet of the master...
If we quote one of my favorite authors...we can think our way into a new way of living, rather than live our way into a new way of thinking;
We need to step back.

Perhaps part of the miracle we discover in the ordinary and every day is seeing through God's eye glasses and having understanding through the humble practice of walking with God.  
Perhaps part of the miracle is just being in God's presence.

Barbara Brown Taylor says once a week we should be, "Good for nothing."  I have yet to take that sage advice as seriously as I should.  I am not a good slug or sloth.  Yet, if I think I just need to read a bit more or listen to one more lecture on slowing down...then I will finally get it...this prayer upsets that apple cart.

Parker Palmer says that there is a hidden wholeness within each one of us.  As a teacher, he advised students to pay less attention to the information he was giving (that is, don't take notes).  Instead, as they listened was there a truth that stirred from deep within?  Those are the moments when the lightning strikes and we see...perhaps a bit afraid...but see nevertheless.

Have you had a lightning moment this week?  When the sudden flash of light illuminates more than we can see?  Is there a person who helps you with that?  Is there a practice that helps you with that?  

For some it is meditation.
For some it is music.
For some it is art.
For some it is laughing.
For some it is poetry.
For some it is reading psalms.
For some it is sitting on the beach.
For some it is walking in the woods.
For some it is sitting next to their dog.

And I could keep going...but I think you get the point.  What are those flashes of brilliance and brightness that help you on the journey see, if only for a few moments, the traces of God's grace in your life?  And practice those in these days.

Grace and peace ~~

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