Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday prayer

Just another Friday...
The to-do list for the weekend sits silently on my phone compiled in fits and starts as I noticed things around the house, but didn't have time to fix them right then and there.

Just another Friday...
Sure, there will be moments of rest and renew...relaxing and rejuvenating intermixed with the other items.

But what if Friday...this day right here...
Would open us to joy of the ordinary?
The video you watch that makes you laugh;
The lunch planned with a friend;
A clean floor that shines when the sun bounces off.
What if we didn't wait until Friday...
We don't need to postpone our joy.
We don't need to schedule our life around the beat the world tells us to dance;
We don't need to only "Thank God" for Friday...
Because I thank God for Mondays...when I dig in to a new week or read a story to our Preschool children.
I thank God for Tuesdays...when I gather with colleagues at staff meetings.
I thank God for Wednesdays...even when they are forgettable...and for people who study scripture with me.
I thank God for sermons are finished and the rhythm of the copier producing bulletins fills the office.
I thank God for a slower pace of Fridays...
I thank God for Saturdays, when I can sit and simply be.
I thank God for worship fully.

And that list barely scratches the surface of what I pray I might notice as I move about my life.

So, God, on this Friday help me see it for its connections that have led me here.
Help me see this day in its uniqueness.
Help me enjoy the grace of this holy, ordinary day.

Let that be my prayer and may it b a living reality of Your presence.

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