Sunday, April 2, 2017

Serenity Prayer Part Four

Taking one day at a time...
Sounds so simple and straight-forward...
So easy...
So logical.

But the past won't keep silent so easily.
Keeps interrupting and interjecting into my "Be in the moment" vibe.
I finally think of a good come back to the person whose words hurt me.
And other words play on an endless repeat loop.
The luggage I carry that are labeled, "Past" and heavy, seem to always be with me.

And then there is the future, the unknown-ness of tomorrow
and the day after that...and after that.
I can spend so much energy and effort predicting,
Coming up with endless scenarios of things that may never happen,
Yet, it is good to plan.

What upsets my ability to be here, in this moment is the past that won't go away and the future that seems way to mysterious.
To be here...
Also invites me into the imperfect.
Right now...
Staring at a screen rather than writing some great, thoughtful book that will change the world.
Rather than spending time with family.
Rather than reading so classic.
Here, with all of its imperfection, is also more beautiful than I will ever know.
Martin Luther, 15th century reformer said, "If only we could comprehend a single grain of wheat we would die in wonder."
This moment is deeper and wider than I can ever explore.
The moment is more blessed and broken.
This moment is a gift of God called the "present".
To take one moment for what it is...beautiful, messy, and sacred.
Might be the most powerful part of this prayer,
And certainly one of the best invitation we call hope to live each day this week.

Grace and peace ~~

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