Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday Morning Prayer

I was glad...when was the last time that was the first response/reaction on Sunday morning?
Gladness...not just happy because happiness is fleeting and fading.
Gladness is like a stream that I don't control.
Gladness can wash over me, like baptismal waters.
Gladness gets me caught up in the current.
Gladness isn't about rational, reasonable sense.
Gladness just is.

I was glad when they said...
what have you heard around you this week?
Maybe the truth that if it was for bad news there wouldn't be any news at all.
Maybe words that were harsh like sandpaper.
Maybe absence of words in a stony silence between you and someone you love.
What kind of invitations did you get this week?
Besides ones to save money on insurance...or cable...or enter to win valuable prizes.
Do you hear that sing-song voice of God calling you?

But these voices actually invite us to church...
And this isn't just about coming to save your soul, like a golden ticket to Willa Wonka's factory.
This invitation is to community...people gathered.
And where two or three gather ~
Yes there will be four or five opinions...
Yes there will be differences....
Yes there will be disagreements.
There will be live that cannot be encountered in any other way than in the flesh of another.
Maybe that is why Jesus came in the flesh.
Words of prophets and thunder bolts and temples only get you so far.
You need others.
Others to see you, invite you, care for you, love you.

In the best sense that is why the church sings this ancient and beautiful song still today at church.

Grace and peace ~~

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