Sunday, November 13, 2016

Processing the Pain

When the hurt is heavy as a rock on our soul,
When all the tossing and turning can't help us find rest.
When the unanswerable question, "Why?" seems to be our only companion.
When our heart is broken...

How do we process the pain?

When all the words ring hallow and the container of balm is empty.
When others stare and glare as if to demand us to try to explain...
But the words are slippery and won't satisfy
And all we want to do is sigh.

How do we process the pain?

When the valley is deep and dark and the days of lush green grass of Psalm 23 is light years away;
When God might seem angry...or distant...or at least disinterested.
When our own voice doesn't even sound familiar to our own ear.

How do we process the pain?

When we know the deep ditch that Saint Julian of Norwich fell in.
When we cling at the dirt walls and seem to constantly slide and slip down, unable to gain our footing.
When we long for Julian's prayer, her beautiful prayer in that pit of life, "That all will be well, all will be well, in all manner of things, all will be well" be our prayer.
But it just isn't yet.

How do we process the pain?

We keep speaking, even when the words don't seem right.
We keep sharing, even when we disagree.
We keep showing up, even when we might rather be alone.
We keep holding on to words like, "forgiveness" and "hope" and "love" because even though they might not fit, they are the words our hearts long to wear.

And somehow, in some way...perhaps as we hold those words.
We might realize they are actually holding us.

For all those hurting, for all sorts of reasons...may the One who loved you into being and the One who claims you as a beloved daughter and son help you as you begin to process the pain.  And I pray you find a safe space that will hold you and wait with you and keep watch with you.

Many blessings, grace, peace, and love ~~

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