Friday, May 20, 2016

End of the week prayer

In the beginning, we start each week
Not with a full email inbox or some manic Monday...
But with Sunday.
Worship in community.
We center our hearts is in the promise of God's presence.
That where it starts.

Sometimes by Monday that promise fads and feels fleeting.
Schedules full of appointments (doctor or work or both)
To do lists full
Or days that seem to stretch on endlessly and we wonder, "What am I here for?"

By Wednesday perhaps we feel lost, wandering in the wilderness.
Or excited by the prospect of some new challenge.
Or don't even know that Wednesday is different than the day before.

Finally, we arrive at Friday.
Perhaps with the promise of time away.
Or perhaps just as long of a to do list as you had at at home.

What is the rhythm of your week?
Is there one?
Or does it feel chaotic, indiscernible?

Look back at the last five days...
Where did you sense God?
Where did you feel like you were on autopilot?
What have you forgotten or can even recall?

Weeks flow from one to the next.
What separates the space and time is to invite God to sit beside us...
In the stillness of this moment to
Look back...
Look around...
Look ahead...
And know the One who holds all time in God's gracious hands.

And may there be more than a trace of God's grace in that pause.

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