Lent prayerful and intentional

There is a disruption when life is interrupted.  We have carefully made plans...

Like posting to my blog everyday.
Like always being joyful this Lent.
I wanted to make it through Lent following my best laid plans...
Unlike those New Years Resolutions.

Then life interrupts.
Life disrupts.
Like takes an unplanned exit ramp.
What then??

What happens when my plans go sideways...
without even asking permission?
What happens when my to-do lists gets added to..
without even asking permission?
What happens when my neat, tidy expectations are suddenly askew,
again...without asking permission?

What then?
O God...

O right, Lent isn't about me.
Lent isn't some marathon I run totally reliant on the unholy Trinity of,
Me...Myself...and I

Lent is about God.
Relying on God.
Even when our plans are interrupted and disrupted...
Or especially when interrupted and disrupted.

Then, maybe I might find a new understand of Lent.


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