Monday, March 4, 2013

Holy Conversations

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If you read Isaiah 59 is a conversation.  It starts with God laying out the charges and the people respond.  Notice their response.  They don't try to defend or deflect what God says is happening.  They accept and admit they did wrong.

The truth is we all make mistakes.  We all say things we shouldn't.  No one is completely innocent and no one is perfect.  The only way to reconcile is to talk openly and honestly with each other.  Isaiah 59 is a holy conversation, which (by the way) so sounds like something Robin would say to Batman.

The church knows all about conversation.  The church has an advance degree in talking.  But the question remains, what are we really saying??  Where does all the talking get us?  I recently enjoyed a blog post by David Lose about productive meetings.  David is right that we need to be more productive.  I would also add to David's post that meetings in church need to be less about talking and more about holy conversations.  When you get in your car after the meeting, it is not only a question of what was accomplished, but also were you heard?  And did you hear what others said?

What if we used Isaiah 59 as wisdom for what our conversations at meetings sounded like?  There are moments when we need to name our brokenness.  There are moments we need to listen for God.  There are moments we need to take action and change behavior.  What if those would be our three topics rather than "Old Business" and "New Business".  Maybe we would be about God's business and find ways to have holy conversations.

May there be traces of God's grace in your meetings this week.


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